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The rabbit hunter

based on the true events of wWII 

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an explosive historical episode

When you hear the thunder of the Luftwaffe in the sky, you hide. This was the reality of the young New Zealanders braving foreign territory in Greece 1941. This gruelling, true historical episode of WWII is reenacted, retold masterfully by the pen of New Zealand author Christopher Worth.

The Rabbit Hunter war novel is a historical fiction, based on the true terrifying history of New Zealanders in World War II. From their landing on the shores of Greece to their eventual escape, the story follows 23 Battalion, experiencing the face of war through the eyes of Second Lieutenant Neil Rankin. 


Through their campaign against the German infantry and Luftwaffe, this harrowingly vivid account of young men fighting for their own survival brings us shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of history, right there in the dirt and dust. 

A history lesson written in blood, The Rabbit Hunter delivers a thrilling

action piece, sincere in its telling, and laced with the wit, humour and farce of life in the trenches.   Read more here

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