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The rabbit hunter II

The Battle of crete

based on the true events of wwii

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don't forget to watch the skies...

When German airborne troops arrived on Crete, the New Zealanders knew they were fighting for their lives. Evacuated from the fallen mainland after a crushing and costly defeat, it would soon become clear that the relentless Luftwaffe had only just begun their menacing campaign. There was little doubt for the Anzac forces that, for them, this was to be the main event.

This sequel to the well-received The Rabbit Hunter – The Battle of Greece follows Second Lieutenant Neil Rankin and his platoon from the New Zealand Division as they are pitched headlong into the real-life events of WWII. After the fall of Greece in April 1941, history has come to see the Battle of Greece as a curtain-raiser for the intense episodes to follow.

When the fighting commences, it is man against man, individuals pitting their wits against an implacable enemy. This second instalment vividly captures both the violence and the heart of young men at war, transporting the reader to the front lines to witness the tenacity, heartache, and remarkable humour of real-life heroes in the face of destruction that, for many, would mean they would never see home again.

Both thrilling and tragic, The Battle of Crete sets the bar for realism in war fiction. Buy now today on Kindle or make the most of the limited-time promo on signed copies.

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